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Innovating for over 40 years

MultimediaLED™ has been a global leader in digital LED display technology, renowned for our innovative design and superior technical performance. We have solidified our dominance in the digital signage industry.

ABC Studios "Ribbon Spectacular"
Times Square, New York

When others say it's impossible,      We make it happen...

Our Story...

MultimediaLED™, has confidently led the digital sign industry in markets around the world for over 40 years.
  • Our journey began as the first producer of full-color spectacular LED displays in Times Square. Today, Times Square is world renowned for its dazzling displays and we’re proud to have sown the seeds that grew into this American icon.

  • In the ensuing decades we have remained committed to research and development – resulting in innovative displays created for progressive companies and organizations worldwide.

  • Over the past four decades, MultimediaLED™,  has achieved significant milestones, including pioneering full-color, high-resolution LED displays, creating the first ultra-wide high-definition LED screen, spearheading iconic LED installations in Times Square, and transforming renowned sites worldwide with our innovative LED solutions. Our proven track record speaks volumes..

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